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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

What scar will remain?

It depends on the technique we use, which depends on each particular case. I ALWAYS select the technique that leaves less scar, with the best result in breast shape. You must always understand and accept that you will "have a scar on your breasts in exchange for a new shape, position and breast size."

Can there be breastfeeding after a breast reduction?

Yes, patients usually breastfeed as long as the galactofore conducts have been preserved, and its conservation mostly depends on the size and the used technique.

Can my areola sensitivity be decreased by the scars?

No, usually the sensitivity decreases depending on whether the breast is medium size or is a gigantomastie. If it´s medium, the sensitivity remains; if it is a gigantomastie, sensitivity may decrease, due to the nerves session innervating the areolas and the technique used.

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