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Are pregnancy spots eliminated in my face (chloasma)?

It is recommended to have this procedure after a year, giving time for the organism to act physiologically, otherwise peeling can be performed but it doesn´t guaranteed the spots are going to be 100% removed. You may need two or three treatment sessions of 3 to 6 months.

Is there a solution for the irregularities or scars of my pimples (acne)?

Yes, they can be treated with peeling or dermabrasion, depending on the case. Although some irregularities may persist if the acne process has been severe.

Can I give more turgidity, volume and life to my skin?

Yes, peelings help remove surface damage of the skin and stimulate collagen and elasticin production, giving a new and fresh look to the skin.

Can I remove a tattoo with peeling?

No, because tattoo pigments are deposited at a deeper depth than the acids act.

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