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When can I see the results of my liposuction?

At the beginning we see a non-definite result, after 3 to 6 months we can see them definitely.

Will I lose weight with my liposuction?

You WON´T lose weight but you will lose measures, then you´ll begin losing weight if you maintain a healthy diet.

All my family has fat located in the outer thigh, I do too, Can I remove it or get rid of this?

YES, liposuction is the right procedure and the one to choose, for treating localized fat deposits, which has a particular genetic load. As it is the outer side of thighs (saddle), lower back, jowls, arms, and others. So yes, they can be removed with this procedure.

Can fat be accumulated again In the treated areas?

When a patient doesn’t maintain a healthy diet after liposuction and they are prone to obesity, they can redo fatty deposit.

How do you remove fat? Would I get marks?

There are different equipment regarding the amount of fat to be removed. Usually, the most used is the lipoconventional, which leaves minimal incisions less than half centimeter. Among them, there are the lipovaser which is "ultrasonic". This one denatures fat and its removal becomes easier. There is also the Lipolaser, which is less used and is only used in very minimal localized fat, but all of them have to use the conventional one.

Can the fat that is removed be placed elsewhere?

The fat extracted properly, clean, bloodless and barren can be injected as a natural filling substance in different areas. NOT having any rejection since being part of the same organism. It is known as fat injection, lipoinjection and fat transfer.

What happens if I gain a lot of weight?

Every patient who gains weight should undergo a low calorie diet in order to go back to their proper weight for their height.

Can I walk normally after surgery?

Yes, it is recommended to walk after the first month, and after two months you can start the gym and after three months the abdominals.

Can I wear compression stockings?

Not necessarily, we always recommend them for those patients who have varicose veins or vascular problems. In the lower limbs the compression stockings are only recommended in transoperative or in patients with vascular deficiency.

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