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This cosmetic technique can be called the no-scalpel surgery. It molds the body while eliminating the fat volumes that disfigures it. It´s suitable for people at all ages, but is very common among young people that having a seemingly normal weight, can’t eliminate the accumulation of fat with exercises, nor with strong diets.

Liposculpture is a revolutionary technique that allows fat extraction, and molds specifically the area being treated. In this process ultrasonic liposuction machine, Lipo Laser or the conventional laser machine are used, getting a handcrafted result.

It is an instrumental medical treatment, which is performed in an appropriate room with the necessary conditions and sufficient means to obtain a quality result. Peridural, local or general anesthesia are used, depending on the patient, by infiltration of 0.9% physiologic serume, adrenalized at low temperatures as tumescence, reducing the possibility of minor bleeding and less chance of bruising and better extraction of adipose tissue in the desired location.

With liposculpture the specialist proceeds to remove fat in the desired and appropriate proportion to avoid accumulations that affect the figure. But the specialist can also increase some body parts proportions.

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