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Cutaneous lesions

Cutaneous lesions

Would it remain a scar where I have the injury?

Yes, but the scar depends mostly on the patient type of skin.

Do I have to stop working? Will I be hospitalized?

No, such procedure is outpatient. Usually a rest of 72 hours is given.

Is it necessary to remove stitches?

It depends on the case. Everything depends on the type of yarn used.

Should I take antibiotics?

It is usually recommended to take antibiotics in the first 72 hours.

What do you do with what you take from me?

An anatomopathological study of all extracted body injury must always be performed. This shows whether if the lesion is benign or malignant, and according to the case, allows to stablish the steps to follow.

Can I sunbathe right away?

I recommend avoiding direct sun on the scar for 3 to 6 months. During that period you can be outdoors or exposed to the sun, as long as sunblock and sunscreen are used.

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