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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Does PERMANENT hair removal exist?

NO, because they can grow at a rate from 30 to 40%, given that the birth of the follicles can be reactivated.

Which equipment do you use?

Pulsed light, as well as the ND YAG and neodymium.

Laser works based on photothermolysis, oriented to melanin, pigment found in the hair, among others. Generating heat that diffuses towards the follicle, resulting in its permanent damage.

Is it Pulsed Light and LASER the same, for hair removal?

NO. LASER gives better and more durable results than the laser pulse light.

How do I know if the treatment can be effective before starting it?

The best is an evaluation by a professional trained in laser technology applied to hair removal. However, laser effectiveness depends on several factors:

  • Follicular cycle phases (is individual for each person)
  • Thickness (diameter) and hair color
  • Follicular density (number of hairs per cm2)
  • Skin color or Skin phototype (Fitzpatrick)
  • Treated body area
  • Hormonal state of the patient
  • Number of sessions held

Quantity and quality of delivered energy to the area (It is not the same Pulsed Light than LASER DIODE, for example)

Is it painful neodymium laser application?

It is not painful but can cause some discomfort.

Do you guarantee the treatment outcome?

Each patient has a unique and particular response to treatment. So the results CAN´T be predicted. We define as permanent hair reduction to its 90% decrease, after 4 sessions. We NEVER promise to eliminate 100% of the hair. It is unethical and is not approved nowadays by corporations such as the FDA.

Would it remain scars or skin lesions?

There haven´t been described any skin scarring effects, by the application of Laser Diode. Hypo or hyper pigmentation may occur, but they don’t last more than 2 to 6 months. They are related to the patient's skin type. The same way, local small blisters may appear on the treated area.

Is there any contraindication for laser hair removal?

Yes, in case of malignant tumors.

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