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Laser Hair Removal

What is it?

Laser works based on photothermolysis, headed to melanin, a pigment found in the hair, among others. Generating heat that diffuses towards the follicle, resulting in the permanent damage to it.

Laser hair removal is the best method to remove NOT desired excess hair, or NOT aesthetically accepted.

It is a painless, simple, safe, effective and definitive treatment in most cases. Useful in both sexes, without age limitations.

It can be applied in any body area: face, chest, armpits, arms, genitals, legs, belly, back, buttocks, etc.

It solves skin problems like "folliculitis" and "ingrown hair" in groin, legs and face by removing the causative agent, HAIR.

It can be used in women with hormone problems (Hirsutism)

It is a medical treatment and as such, should be performed by physicians / professionals trained with laser technology.


Before the first session you must avoid waxing or tweezing for a month. You will only be able to use razor or depilatory cream to let your hair at the shorter level.

You must not take them out with tweezers or wax, because the follicle would be empty, hairless. So the laser thermolysis effect will not occur.

If you ONLY shave in the 45 days previous to the start of the treatment, this will allow a significant amount of follicles in anagen phase to gather, and that the session be truly effective.

You should not sunbathe, have sunbed or self-applied tanning, a month before the application, to prevent your skin from having "melanin" excess on its surface, because like hair, it will capture laser light eagerly, with the consequent irritation or superficial burn of the epidermis (skin).

Post treatment and monitoring

After the first session, the hair instantly evaporate and others will be expelled by the follicles, in subsequent days.

For several days you won´t see hair growth. When a new hair layer begins to emerge, you must shave it or apply a depilatory cream, which will cut it very close to the skin. Remember not to use any method to pull out the hair.

You will stop shaving, 3 or 4 days before your next session, in order to identify the areas of the highest hair density. And thus achieve better results with very effective sessions. It is not necessary that the hair is too long, 1 or 2 millimeters are enough.

After the third application you will begin to notice that the reappearance of hair will become increasingly slow, lazy and poor because of the vast pilosebaceous follicle elimination, achieving the removal of approximately 90% of the follicles after your fourth session.

NOTE: Each patient has a unique and particular response to treatment. So the results may NOT be predicted. We define "permanent hair reduction" as its 90% decrease, after 4 sessions. We NEVER promise to eliminate 100% of the hair.

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